The cycle introduces new specialty techniques.


articles selected for the cycle 6 of PRO-DENTAL Aesthetics discuss new techniques and materials. Academic directors José Carlos Pereira and Dr. Marco Antonio Masioli ordered the themes of form in which the information complement each other in the course of the cycle. The update program in esthetic dentistry is developed by the partnership between the Brazilian Dentistry Association (ABO) and the New Haven Panamericana Publisher, via the SESCAD ®

Dr. Parekh highlights one of the themes, “dental deformities and anomalies that lead aesthetic disorders”, vital to allow the clinician to choosing the best aesthetic restorative technique. “Also allows the prediction of long-term treatment,” explains. In turn, Dr. Masioli points out the article “Microabrasion associated with the bleaching”, because the Association of this technique with the tooth whitening allows, to the dentist, aesthetic results optimization, provided by microabrasion.


How does the PRO- Aesthetic DENTAL

the entry in the cycle 6 of PRO-DENTAL Aesthetics can occur at any time over the 12 months of validity and anywhere in the country, because the modules are delivered at home. The ABO grants certificate of 180 hours to approved the final evaluation of each cycle. In addition to this update program in aesthetics, there are five specialties: Prosthesis, Surgical Dentistry, orthodontics, preventive and public health and oral implantology.

subscribers have access to e-learning, virtual learning environment. It is possible to find the Clipping health, updated daily with interviews, stories, scientific news and summaries of international newspapers. Another advantage is the 15% discount on purchase of books from the catalog of the Group A, which includes new haven and Medical Arts Publisher. The modules are available in e-Book format. The content is similar to the printed version, but accessible to digital versions and therefore with interactivity features. In this format, participants can annotate, share your notes with friends, read your module with different layout options, among other features. Follow the news SESCAD in social media:

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