Botox, the venom of eternal youth.

Spain, February of 2012.- much has talked about Botox for years and thanks to their proven results, today enjoys wide acceptance throughout the world. Botox or Vistabel is one of the treatments more effective and popular for treating expression wrinkles. After its application produces a temporary relaxation on the muscles that cause this type of wrinkles, returning youth and smoothness to the face.

Dr. Alfonso Barea, clinical medical option plastic surgeon discover you everything you have to know about Botox, their results and dismantles the misconceptions that exist about the treatment:

what is Botuliniun toxin?

The botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. In fact it’s one of the most powerful poisons of the planet and is the cause of botulism, characterized by the development of vegetative disturbances and progressive muscular paralysis.

Nevertheless, Botox is not at all harmful when used in small quantities to aesthetic treatments.

In medicine, Botuliniun toxin type A is used as a drug for more than 20 years. At the beginning, it was basically applied for the treatment of muscle spasms (tics, eye estrabismos, etc.). In the 1990s, he began to use successfully in the United States.UU treating expression wrinkles. In Spain, Botox began to market under the name Vistabel in 2004.


is also used to control excess sweating and some clinical studies have been undertaken to demonstrate its impact against migraine headaches and other ailments.

what is treatment with Botox?

By subcutaneous micro-inyecciones the doctor infiltrates Botox into muscles in the areas where you want to remove wrinkles. Its effect produces a temporary relaxation of the muscles that cause wrinkles of expression: forehead, frown and known as ‘ Crow’s feet ’. Currently, only applies in these areas, but other indications with encouraging results at the level of the skin of the neck, forearms and labial corners are already being considered.

how harsh the effect of Botox?

Results begin to be visible to the 48-72 hours after the treatment, reaching its maximum effect a week later. The duration of the effects of the botulinum toxin may vary according to the patient: between 4 and 6 months. As sessions are made, these shall be spacing in time due to the weakening of the motor plate of the treated muscle.

are there any side effects?

Occasionally, a mild headache, that responds to common painkillers or, even, a slight bruise may be accompanied. To date, no cases of systemic toxicity with Botox have been described.

level facial expression is lost after a Botox treatment?

Today there is much professional intrusion. Unauthorized centers, and unskilled personnel perform treatments medical-aesthetic are actually exclusive medical use. When Botox is infiltrated by a medical specialist in the correct places and with the exact dose, their results are very natural. Wrinkles fade and the skin becomes more young, smooth and healthy.

to what age is recommended to start to deal with Botox?

There is the false belief that the botulinum toxin is only for women over 40 years. However, increasingly more is recommended a preventive use of Botox to delay the onset of wrinkles and keep skin young. Option medical clinic recommend its use after 30 years, when they begin to draw the first expression wrinkles.

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