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Know the myths and truths of gum

Know the myths and truths of gum It can cause tooth decay, but also makes the teeth cleaning

Know the myths and truths of gum It can cause tooth decay, but also makes the teeth cleaning


The idea that gum is mania of child is more than surpassed. The adults are so fans of the chewing gum as small. The fact is that the food industry has been dedicated to creating products increasingly full of requirements which fit into the demands of great people, such as sugar-free gum and gum that promises to whiten teeth, but without leaving aside the colored versions, stuffed and more varied formats for the kids. The gum was always considered the villain of the mouth to cause tooth decay and seen as a delicacy that hinders the diet. But he doesn’t bring any benefit to the regime and for the oral health? The nutritionist from MinhaVida, Roberta Stella, and the dentist Sydney Leonard Goldmann help to clarify the myths and truths related to habit.


The chewing gum are quite harmful to the diet
Myth. The chewing gum, even those containing sugar, are not very calorific and even help fool the hunger. Of course the gum with fillings should be avoided, because they are more calorie. A unit of gum stuffed presents, on average, 15 calories. Two units of this gum add 1 point in the list of diet of points (from a program using points instead of calories to guide the daily consumption of foods). While a sugar-free gum introduces 2.5 calories per unit, being needed 9 units to earn 1 point. “If the chewing gum habit for many a day, the best option is the gum without sugar not to accumulate points or calories to the diet,” says Roberta Stella.

The gum can cause stomach pain
Truth. If the gum is chewed inasmuch as several times a day and the person is there are many hours without feeding, will stimulate the production of stomach gastric juice, which contains hydrochloric acid. The substance will act directly on the wall of the stomach may cause pain. This way, you should avoid chewing many units of gum per day.

Every type of gum causes tooth decay
Myth. The sugar present in the gum is the major cause of tooth decay. Therefore, the diet versions and light can stay out of that list. However, some dyes and preservatives of composition of gum can be made from starch and carbohydrate, which will turn into sugar and are also harmful to teeth. “Choose to versions without sugar and colorless, which are the most secure,” says Goldmann. Another point is that some chewing gum, depending on its composition, may leave the pH of the mouth very acidic and cause tooth decay.

The gum can be beneficial for oral hygiene
Truth. The mechanics of chewing gum and the friction of goma with the teeth causes a surface cleaning of the teeth. How much thicker it is, the better the result. “But the gum does not replace the toothbrush and floss and neither has the power to remove the plaque or prevent the formation of it,” explains the dentist.

The gum alleviates bad breath
Truth. With superficial cleanup that the gum provides, the breath is favored since the renewal of the cells in the mouth. But it is a momentary action. And is not for everyone. Those who suffer with dental problems such as caries, periodontitis or restore damaged, can stay with the smelly accented with the use of gum. Incidentally, this is the indication that there is a problem.

Gum helps to whiten teeth
Myth. Even the versions that promise this benefit contain very low concentrations of peroxide (substance feet) to provide some bleaching. In addition, it cannot be used in high concentrations in goma for being a toxic product. “The peroxide can burn the gum. Therefore, only a dentist must handle the substance, avoiding the risks, “explains Goldmann.

The gum is indicated for certain oral treatments
Truth. In some cases, the gum is recommended with action of physiotherapy. When there is inflammation of the muscles or limited opening of the mouth (trismus muscle), the use of goma is beneficial to minimize the swelling, strengthen the musculature buccal and recover the movements of the jaw.

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Science is launched to discover the “secret” of the improvisers.

Donostia, January 2012 .- Anyone who has attended a performance of improvisers will no doubt be surprised by the ability of improvisation and quick thinking of its protagonists, experts in composing complex rhymes in just seconds. How is it possible? Do the improvisers of cognitive abilities than the rest of us? Are they yours or have innate abilities acquired through training? What goes through your head at that moment magical? How is it possible to compose a zortziko (eight-bar verse) in a few seconds? What complicated mechanisms are activated in their brains?

Some of these questions, yet unfathomable mysteries have won over science that has been attracted by the secret behind this strong tradition of Basque culture. And recent advances in cognitive neuroscience make it possible for the first time, science has decided to approach the centenary bertsos Art. The fact that one of the leading centers in the world in this discipline, the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL), has its headquarters in San Sebastian, and the enthusiastic cooperation of improvisers themselves through Herriko Euskal Elkartea improviser have led to the launch of an ambitious research project to investigate the cognitive processes that hides the bertso.

The challenge is a study of one year to try to figure out from a scientific perspective that makes them so special improvisers: Do cognitive capabilities than the rest or is that language skills have been trained to become experts in the art of rhyme?

With this working hypothesis, 18-class improvisers, including Andoni Egaña, Maialen Lujanbio, Amets Arzallus or Amuriza Look, these days are being subjected to different tests in BCBL facilities in San Sebastian, from computer to behavioral testing sessions magnetic resonance imaging. In parallel, the same study performed with groups of Basques who have not developed skills in the art of improvisation and students bertso-Eskola.

In this way, scientists can compare how it is produced in each of the groups the process of storage and retrieval of information in the brain, giving clues to whether the improvisers have developed special skills in this discipline. This can result in future development of training tools, not only for improvisers, but for anyone who wants to improve their fluency.

The margaritas, the origin of the project

The origin of this curious story in which tradition and science come together is in the month of May during the making of the documentary Asier Altuna improviser, currently in theaters. Following the passage of Andoni Egaña the facilities of the BCBL, improvisational ability of improvisers attracted wide attention from researchers of the center.

In particular, its director, Manuel Carreiro, was impressed by the ability of Egana to order the words in your brain grouped by families like the petals that make up a margarita. The scientists concluded that the improvisers are real experts in organizing the information in your brain, which is of particular interest to a scientific discipline such as cognitive neuroscience.

Neuroscientists wonder whether this ability of improvisers, very interesting to study the oral tradition as a vehicle of communication is a result of increased storage capacity in their brains or have developed a faster and more effectively when accessing that stored information. Put another way: Do you have wider roads or your car is faster?

As noted by Kepa Paz-Alonso, BCBL researcher responsible for the investigation, “the study of language production and cognitive processes that underlie expert in oral transmission may shed light on central issues and current cognitive neuroscience of language.” “Knowing the neural correlates of these processes can inform cognitive linguistic and current theories in cognitive neuroscience of language, as well as elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying language production optimized” he explains.

This scientific curiosity soon bore fruit in an agreement between BCBL and improviser Herriko Euskal Elkartea, which led to the planning and design of different tests to obtain the necessary scientific data. A few months later, the first data collection phase is underway and will be completed in the coming months. After completion of the fieldwork, the first results will be available later this year.

Behavioral tests and MRI

To this end, each of the three groups (bertsolaris, people unfamiliar with the bertsos and bertso-eskolak students) will have been three phases of testing in the facilities of the BCBL in Donostia, equipped with cutting-edge scientific equipment to study the brain human.

The first session, behavioral nature, involves the interaction of participants with a computer through a software specifically designed for the experiment. Thus, they are subjected to several tasks that require the participation of higher cognitive functions. Among others, we analyze functions such as reasoning (crystallized and fluid), the information processing speed, the ability to inhibit distracting information to focus attention on relevant information, networks attentional or task switching (related to complex reasoning semantics, phonology and the rhyme).

The second phase of tests of verbal fluency tasks analyzed by a magnetic resonance device, a next-generation scientific instrument capable of obtaining every two or three seconds dozens of 3D images that allow you to examine brain activity while it performs complex functions . The MRI provides information about both structural (anatomical) and functional (activation associated with specific tasks). Thus, analyzing the brain while you exercise it phonological, semantic and rhyme in different degrees of difficulty.

The third and final phase is already in a practical test where the participant has to rhyme bertsos directly, in a manner analogous to the improvisers make it into real action. Thus, 30 different issues arise each participant, which must rhyme using different metrics, since the Kopla Txiki bertso cell until zortziko Txiki, a discursive formula that requires more effort. On the one hand, MRI provides images of brain function during exercise, and secondly, the quality of processed bertsos be assessed by experts. Thus, you can analyze whether brain activity is different when you improvise a current and a bright bertso.

The cognitive neuroscience experts believe BCBL this research project can provide very interesting scientific material that sheds more light on the mechanisms the brain uses to perform complex functions related to language production. However, aware that science, as well as giving answers, more questions often asked are convinced that this study represents the first step in a collaboration that will continue in the future. Science seems to have hit a reef in the world of bertso.

About the BCBL

The Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) is an interdisciplinary international research center based in San Sebastian for the study of cognition, brain and language promoted by the Basque Government to promote science and research Euskadi. The center, which is among the BERC (Basque Excellence Research Center), has among its partners Ikerbasque, Innobasque, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country University.

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Free Tips For Loosing Weight Quickly and Naturally Without Side Effects

Free Tips For Loosing Weight Quickly and Naturally Without Side Effects

Free Tips For Loosing Weight Quickly and Naturally Without Side Effects

Free Tips For Loosing Weight Quickly and Naturally Without Side Effects

Everyone knows what to do to lose weight: eat less fat, less azúcar… less of everything. However, the difficulty begins when it comes to implementing these principles, resist hunger and not tired, as they pass some days of sacrifice.

To succeed in this purpose, everyone has their personal tricks that have arisen from their experience. Below a few tips provided by doctors and dieticians, and ex-gordos who managed to lose weight. If not hardly you effective, should take into account that all organisms are not equal.

Habits to be learned for Loosing Weight quickly and naturally without side effects:

  1. Forced to eat sitting. When you do standing or walking in a hurry, eat as much food.
    Don’t eat fast, chew well; If you do, you feel satisfied sooner and with less food. and never repeat!
  2. Wherever possible, make market after eating; so it will be less tempted to buy things that fat.
  3. Before you buy foods make a detailed list of the things that you need and not leave.
  4. After every meal, it is advisable to rest 15 minutes and then walk for three quarters of an hour. An activity performed after a meal burned enough calories.
  5. To satisfy the hunger the mid-morning a handful of prunes, a glass of skim milk or a mini sandwich with bread, is more appropriate.
  6. If the average 9 or afternoon snack eat prunes or an Apple or a dry apricot, or some other fruit to fool the stomach, it is good to keep the last portion in the mouth for a while.
  7. While eating, are advised not to perform other activity as watch television or read; in this way you can concentrate on the flavors and enjoy each mouthful. They tend to eat more when it is done mechanically.
  8. When you’re eating, it is advisable to let rest those covered every three ingested morsels. It breaks the rhythm to feed themselves and forced to eat less.
    Cook only the amount needed for each meal, and keep in the refrigerator that does not consume.
  9. We must eat only two dishes each meal: beef and companion and a bit of cheese or fruit.
  10. Lunch and lunch break into two parts. First eat strong food (meat, vegetables or rice and pasta) and salad. Two hours later, cheese or fruit, or both.
  11. Enjoy every bite as if it were the most exquisite caviar. Eat small amounts and slowly savour. Another resource: imagine that they rationalised food and that each bite is the last.
  12. With small amount of food can satisfy the appetite. Try with a boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a good salad. Some morsels of bread also serve to appease hunger.
  13. After every meal should remain seated at least a quarter of an hour to bring up the feeling of having satiated appetite. A swallowed food in a hurry, does not meet.
  14. You should eat at hours that burn more calories. Chronobiology teaches that the assimilation and desasimilación of the body varies with the hours of the day. It is best to lighten the food more than breakfast, that if you eat before entering activity, spends calories. This does not happen if you eat before bedtime.
  15. Is not despite after a day that has eaten much. The next day you can compensate for a semi-dieta stock of vegetables with little salt, aromatic waters or tea light and offer dairy-based. The next day you can return to normal food.

Resources to trick the appetite for Loosing Weight quickly and naturally without side effects:

  1. Before each meal, drink a glass of water.This will give you the feeling of fullness.
  2. It is better to take half a glass of orange juice with mineral water.Thus it provides a better sense of society and contains fewer calories.
  3. When you watch television, instead of “bite” things that fat, eat a salad of lettuce, cabbage, artichoke, leaf by leaf.
  4. A nice resource is preparing ice cubes with water Mint, vanilla, fresa… and taste them if you feel’s wishes to eat.
  5. When he sits down with uncontrollable desire to eat food that fat, it is better to take a piece of cheese with bread, than a cookie.
  6. Before attending a cocktail, dinner, or another tempting meeting, the best is not to eat a hard-boiled egg as advised so many diets, if not a yogurt.This decreases the appetite.
  7. Oranges should not squeeze to make juice.It is best to eat them in pieces.It is very easy to drink from three oranges;on the other hand, eat them not.
  8. Start with a bit of protein meals (may be meat, cheese, chicken) and a cup of clear of vegetables, chicken or beef no fat, which can be prepared every three or two days.
  9. After eating, eat lessa good resource to enjoy rich flavors without gaining weight is preparing sorbets of Orange, Tangerine and grapefruit and dress them in the drawers of ice.When frozen can be drawn one at a time.
  10. You can also freeze coffee in cubes of ice in the same way and grind later to serve in a large Cup.
  11. It is suggested to start the meal with cheese to saturate the appetite.
  12. It is good to have in the refrigerator Pickles in vinegar.When you feel hunger, cut some sliced and eat slowly, savouring them.
  13. If it cannot withstand the desire to eat a chocolate eating it, but at the end of the meal or with bread.Eat it only fattening twice.
  14. Drink two or three glasses of water before each meal.Not so much to fill the stomach, but for dilute in blood substance that stimulates the appetite.
  15. The refrigerator has only food which no fatter, such as dairy products or semidescremados cheese, cooked lean meat, fruit or raw vegetables, eggs, etc.
  16. Prepare various dishes in individual portions to not eat so much: eggs in different ways, or vegetables, seafood, tomato rellenos… mousses
  17. In as appetizers, the best thing is to replace the classics that can fatten by radishes, celery, carrot and cauliflower strips.
  18. It is excellent to ingesting eggs passed by water at breakfast, accompanied by a slice of bread of various grains, with chicken or Turkey Breast, or also with gruyere cheese.Thus it will have a good supply of protein.
  19. For a lunch of desire, prepare a hot dog with a thin sausage and add a mustard flowers.Bread withdrawing the crumb, leaving only the bark.
  20. It should be eating foods that contain few calories.Unleavened bread, for example, as thin as a sheet of paper for cigarettes, which can put a layer of almost transparent butter or a minimum portion of mustard.
  21. Good recipe for a snack: a tomato juice with some drops of tabasco or Worcestershire sauce.It looks like bloody mary and much less fattening.

Mini-economics of calories for loosing weight quickly and naturally without Effects:

  1. So meat roasted on the grill to cook for a long time without drying out, spread her mustard.No oil.
  2. To lighten the tortilla, beat the eggs with a little water (1/2 tablespoon for egg) and obviously make fat-free.
  3. It is not convenient to moisten the meat roasted with its own substance, which is fat, but with broth or water.
  4. Do not wrap the meat and poultry with Bacon, do it with sausages.
  5. In soups with vegetables replace potatoes with Zucchini, that no altered its pleasant taste.
  6. To heat food without sticking to the pot or pan, put in the background a little water or wine, rather than any kind of fat.
  7. For breakfast, it is advisable to choose cereal with “volume” as puffed wheat or corn flakes, better than muesli types which are quite heavier.
  8. For the sandwiches never use soft bread nor breads with the filling.
  9. A trick for the tortilla is to use a whole egg and clear three rather than two whole eggs.
  10. While drunk, a Green Apple or a glass of water you can eat to get used to drink coffee or tea without sugar.
  11. When it does not sweeten the coffee with sugar, do so with peppercorns.It accentuates the aroma.
  12. If cannot you reject a whisky, it is best mixed with water with gas or soda and several ice cubes.
  13. Click here for almibarados Apple, sugar-free candies.This fruit has the advantage that it contains 15 percent of sugar.They are delicious to adding a little cinnamon.
  14. For the vinaigrettes in regime, in which the oil is replaced by a dairy product, it is preferable to use natural yogurt.To give them more flavour, add vinegar of cider.
  15. If you can not dispense with the juice for breakfast, take the grapefruit because its acidity favours the Elimination of toxins.
  16. Chewing gum with sugar should reject the first salivary secretions in which sugar is contained.If you do not so, it is eating the equivalent of two cubes of sugar.
  17. To lighten the cream must be to add a bit of gelatin, which is a super protein with fewer calories.
  18. Cooking simmered meat, it is good to put a couple of pieces of bacon with the fat side down into the container.Thus, it sticks never.
  19. Keep in the refrigerator a ketchup without fat, to use cold or hot in various dishes.
  20. You can do it with a kilo of tomatoes cut into small pieces.Place them in a casserole with onion, a clove of garlic, four Bay leaves, a sprig of thyme and half terroncito of sugar.Add a pinch of salt, pepper and half a glass of water.This is cooked at low heat for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.Before serving he crushed.
  21. Salads should be prepared with olive oil.To be more thick and with a stronger taste is used less.
  22. To make mayonnaise, replace the oil with two hard, and boiled egg yolks through the mixer and mixed with a slice of white cheese, lemon juice, Basil and pepper.
  23. If he eats pizza, encojar with some of these ingredients;vegetables, onions, paprika, mushrooms or peppers.
  24. When preparing carne asada you should not use a nonstick skillet.In the common and flows, the surface is tostadita, very tasty.
  25. The cakes and the pâtés can be made without fat, using crumbs of bread, milk, gelatin, clara of egg and dried fruit to give consistency.
  26. A good resource to distract the hunger and thirst is keep in the refrigerator a pin cut into slices.It is better than water because it fills more.
  27. A way to replace butter melted in food cooked with water or steam, is putting them vinegar of cider or cold sauces (green, pink, tomato, herbs), green pepper and white cheese.
  28. It is not necessary to be deprived of the delights offered by the dessert, if you learn to sweetened with artificial sweeteners.
  29. The fatty ingredients by others that not fat, as the pulp of vegetables cooked, crushed and tossed in wool broth can replace.
  30. Some people who undergo a thinning regime complain that they have not learned yet to exclude sugar from their food.Ideally, replace it with fruit sugar.As his power to sweeten is highest, it is possible to use one-third less.Crystallized sugar can also be used.
  31. Crushed and fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) has a false reputation that fattening.Cabbage containsvery few calories if consumed in its natural state.
  32. One of the best tricks for a slimming regime is the whipped egg white.It contains pure proteins and is voluminous.You can add it systematically to tortillas and cakes, and even fruit or coffee cream.
  33. Sometimes you must beware of fruits and raw vegetables, which many believe to always eat without any action.This is true if you know choose them well… and if you have a strong colon.Carrots, beets and turnips provide 13 percent of sugar.


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Best Ways to Lose Weight Quickly Naturally without Side Effects

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National and international experts analysed in “Malaria day workshop” key in the fight against malaria.

National and international experts analysed in “Malaria day workshop” key in the fight against malaria.

Reduce mortality and morbidity and interrupting the transmission of malaria, double aim of current research.

-The eradication of malaria depends largely on the development of new drugs to treat it, as well as new tools to break the cycle of the causative parasite of this disease.

-To get a new generation of drugs we need to make progress in the research of malaria, which can only be achieved with the collaboration between private companies and public entities.

 to right: doctors TIM WELLS, Director of Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV); NICK CAMMACK, Director of the Campus for the development of drugs for diseases in countries in development (DDW) and PEDRO ALONSO, Director of the Centre for research in international health from Barcelona (CRESIB). Malaria Workshop

to right: doctors TIM WELLS, Director of Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV); NICK CAMMACK, Director of the Campus for the development of drugs for diseases in countries in development (DDW) and PEDRO ALONSO, Director of the Centre for research in international health from Barcelona (CRESIB). Malaria Workshop

On Friday presented the latest advances in malaria research directed at the control and eradication of this disease in the “Malaria Day Workshop”, organized by the Campus for the development of drugs for diseases in countries in development of GlaxoSmithKline (DDW – GSK) and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).

This meeting has become apparent that the intensification of research efforts is allowing progress in malaria control. The increased use of the tools available to control the vector of malaria (mosquito of the Anopheles species), such as mosquito nets and insecticides, already is translating in a reduction in the number of deaths from malaria, which coupled with the availability and implementation of a future and upcoming vaccine, are essential for progress in controlling this disease. However, to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e., passing control to the eradication of malaria, we depend on to a large extent the discovery of new drugs to treat it and break the cycle of infection in such a way that will gradually reduce the number of malaria cases until you reach zero, explained Dr. Tim Wells, director of MMV.

This “Malaria Day” has brought together basic and clinical researchers from Spain and Portugal, who have shared information about the mechanisms of action of the new drugs in development and advances occurring in the knowledge of the pathogen (Plasmodium species parasite). Likewise, it has been argued on the research strategy which must continue, given the enormous complexity of the cycle of the malaria parasite, and critical aspects on which have to move forward in the knowledge of the biology of the parasite, immunology, epidemiology, biological vectors and interactions with the human host. Difficult understanding of certain mechanisms currently constitutes an important impediment to the development of tools for the control, and ultimately, the eradication of malaria.

Dr. Pedro Alonso, director of the Center for research in international health from Barcelona (CRESIB, Hospital Clinic-Universitat de Barcelona), has emphasized during the plenary Conference, research plays a key role in the fight against malaria, both for its prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment. The objective of research in malaria has control of the disease as a first step, reducing morbidity and mortality, but the ultimate goal is to achieve the eradication or interruption of transmission. So far the research has focused on human malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum, but Dr. Alonso says that it is essential to develop research into another large parasite causing human malaria, Plasmodium vivax.

The malaria parasite is a very complex organism, and the emergence of resistance to drugs antimalarial drug commonly used for the treatment of this disease lies also in its complexity. The lack of efficacy of available treatments makes essential the development of innovative therapeutic alternatives which are very effective and advance scientific knowledge to prevent the occurrence of resistance in the future.

In this regard, Dr. Nick Cammack, director of GSK DDW, explains that the primary objective of DDW is find effective compounds of easy administration by mouth, well tolerated, rapid action and appropriate treatments for few days. This new generation of antimalarial drugs, to be directed to the very broad sector of the world’s most economically depressed population, must be especially affordable and put them within reach of these populations are those most in need. DDW commitment is to maintain a continuous flow of projects in r & d leading to drugs to be usable by the public health agency to control in the first instance and then eradicate this disease.

Public-private partnership

Dr. Tim Wells, director of the MMV, explained that “to achieve this new generation of treatments need new discoveries that can only be achieved with collaboration between the public academic field and the pharmaceutical industry.” Both actors are essential to achieve the proposed objectives. Access to the patient and the basic science are in hospitals and universities, respectively and the science, technology and knowledge that transform these ideas into new drugs are pharmaceutical companies. “So we are proud to have been working with GSK here, in three Cantos, during eight years in the development of a collection of new research projects that will come from new drugs which will contribute to the eradication of malaria”.

For its part, Prof. Virgilio do Rosario, of the Institute of hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the Nova University of Lisbon and co-organiser of the Iberian platform of Malaria, stands out as an intensified efforts to control this devastating disease, but that progress years ago do not always apply today and that malaria can be reemergiendo in countries where already considered eradicated.

Thus, Prof. do Rosario draws attention to the great work being done by scientists and researchers (only in Spain and Portugal there are 34 research groups which collaborate with each other) and on new technologies that are being implemented to improve the knowledge of the relationship between the pathogen and the host.

Likewise, explains Prof. do Rosario there are certain aspects of difficult research by the complexity of the cycle of the parasite and that differences in levels of prevalence and incidence of disease among the different regions of the world, involves approaches and different strategies which will further complicate the work.

In this line, Prof. do Rosario insists that there are other important factors to achieve the desired success as well as the research: have good health infrastructure, trained personnel and the commitment of Governments and affected communities. Given this scenario, most likely in the coming years to increase the interaction between science and society.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is committed to searching for solutions to alleviate the effects of malaria. In this regard, in addition to working on the development of a vaccine, it has a Campus for the development of drugs for diseases in developing countries (DDW) in Tres Cantos (Madrid) in which work in the discovery of new drugs for diseases that disproportionately affect the economically weaker populations. The research model which GSK remains in the center of Tres Cantos is based on collaboration with public and private, national and international institutions, among which are the Medicines for Malaria Venture and the Centro de investigación en Barcelona international health (CRESIB, Hospital Clínic-Universitat de Barcelona).

You medicines for Malaria Venture

You medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is a non-profit created in 1999 and dedicated to the discovery, development and provision of safe, effective and affordable antimalarials through a series of partnerships between the public and private sectors.

MMV aims to heal and protect the millions of people exposed to malaria through effective and affordable medicines and future, to eradicate this terrible disease.

Currently, MMV manages the largest portfolio of research projects and development of ever assembled antimalarial drugs, nearly 60 projects in 44 countries, in collaboration with more than 130 partners from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and the malaria-endemic countries.

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