Dental clinics Group accused today health regulatory authority (LRA) of violating the law, while ignoring an injunction asking the provisional suspension of the closure of establishments.

Contacted by the Lusa press agency, the President of the LRA, Jorge Simões, declined, for now, to react.

In a statement, Group Dental clinics state that the LRA has posted notices to closure of today eight dental institutions group, “ignoring the pre-arbitral referee procedure”, brought on Tuesday, to “temporary suspension of the administrative act” of health regulatory authority.

The company disagrees with the decision of closing of establishments, of which he says have been notified on Tuesday.

For the group, the performance of the ERS gives “an ignorance of the law”, since “when one is required to suspend the effectiveness of an administrative act, the administrative authority cannot start or continue its execution”.

The company contends that “strangely”, was notified on Tuesday by LRA closure decision “within 12:0 am” das clínicas, despite having been given four months “for the legalization of all verified fouls”, after a July 27 the supervision by the regulatory authority of the health, the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) and the order of doctors dentists.

The LRA announced today the suspension for four months, the operation of eight clinical Dental Group, after various irregularities have been detected in audits to establishments.

Irregularities include, according to ERS, medicines and dental materials, serious deficiencies in sterilization, dental instruments in a bad state of preservation, single-use surgical material reused and lack of basic life support material.

Were also detected deficiencies in hygiene facilities, accessibility for disabled people and other construction deficiencies, as well as identified foreign workers illegally and without qualifications, which they have been notified by the SEF to abandon the national territory.

In the communiqué, the Dental Clinics Group allege that the establishments are “all equipment and materials of superior quality” and “about 70 doctors competent and qualified, registered in the order of doctors Dentists”.

During the period of suspension, the heads of clinics, located in Lisbon and surrounding areas, have the possibility to regularize the situation of the establishments