Gordolobo a few days ago commented in a post the excellences of the infusion of gordolobo to throat conditions. This plant is not well known, but always has been used for trafficking problems breathing and cough, as well as used in the form of poultice to relieve sores, wounds, eczema and even hemorrhoids.

The Latin name of this species is Verdascum Densiflorum (there are more varieties, but this is the most common), and if we find on the field, can collect and dry flowers to prepare remedies caseros.

we must collect the corolla of flowers without calyx, and put to dry in a umbrío site. They will then be saved in well closed to use glass boats; the dried leaves also are used. You can use them to treat disorders bronchial and respiratory, and as an expectorant; This plant is also espasmolítica and slightly diuretic.

To treat skin ulcers and hemorrhoids, a handful of leaves in a litre of milk is cooked and then they run off and crushed, forming a paste to apply topically with a gauze.

Infusion of gordolobo is great for irritant; cough prepares by putting two tablespoons of dried flowers in a glass of hot water, and letting stand the infusion for fifteen minutes. Once filtered, it is taken once or twice a day, and can be sweetened with honey.

Amanda Bhlaster.

There are several ways to prepare the remedies with gordolobo.

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