the aesthetics of the smile more than just beauty

aesthetic do sorriso mais do that simplesmente beleza

With globalisation and the Internet phenomenon, the information and the scientific advances are being transmitted almost instantly. thus, increasingly, people around the world are acquiring habits very similar, and have the same desires and longings. in this context, standards of beauty throughout the world come to Manumission and indicate as a precondition for an individual […]

Esthetic dentistry OR Cosmetic dentistry Treatments and Costs

Esthetic dentistry OR Cosmetic dentistry Treatments and Costs Esthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that solves problems related to oral health and the aesthetic harmony of the mouth as a whole. The aesthetic term from the etymological point of view, aesthesis, (aesthetic) derives from the Greek and means perception. Esthetic dentistry […]

Cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic surgery to get the smile you always dreamed!

Cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic surgery to get the smile you always dreamed! Cosmetic dentistry is the smartest resource for providing key on cosmetic dentistry procedures, focused information on dentists who specialize in teeth whitening, invisalign, you crowns and bags, dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments. Find cosmetic dentists near your area to perform a […]

With globalisation and the Internet phenomenon, the information and the scientific advances are being transmitted almost instantly.

aesthetic do sorriso mais do that simplesmente beleza

With globalisation and the Internet phenomenon, the information and the scientific advances are being transmitted almost instantly. thus, increasingly, people around the world are acquiring habits very similar, and have the same desires and longings. in this context, standards of beauty throughout the world come to Manumission and indicate as a precondition for an individual […]

They discover that the adolescent galaxies change their eating habits

Berlin, 14 mar (EFE).-an international team of astronomers has discovered during his adolescence the galaxies changed their “eating habits” and became cannibals, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said from its headquarters in the town of Garching, South Germany. More than one hundred hours of observations with the telescope of long-range (VLT, by its acronym in […]

US issues new rules for State health bags

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – the Government of United States reported Monday new operational rules for bags of health state, which are key enforcement part insurance federal health reform 2010 face historical hearings at the Supreme Court in just two weeks. Expected regulations, disclosed by the Department of health and human services, aim to give to legislators […]

The unemployed resort to cosmetic surgery to enhance employment options

Barcelona, 11 mar (EFE).-the option of turning to cosmetic surgery to increase the chances of finding a job arises increasingly more among unemployed persons, as he explained to Efe Dr. Ana Torres Maczassek, specialist in cosmetic and restorative surgery. Women who have passed the forty years and men in the fifty that they are unemployed […]

Megan Fox is the new face of Armani cosmetics

megan fox is the new face of armani cosmetics1

In the recent and surprising news in the world of fashion, Megan Fox just replace Lara Stone as the face of Giorgio Armani makeup line. Although many think that he Lara Stone is the most sought-after model today, Giorgio Armani decided to elect Fox to represent its cosmetics line. This announcement sent shock waves through […]

Care in the face to prevent acne

care in the face to prevent acne1

If you have problems with your skin, today I leave you some tips to take care of the skin of the face. Follow these recommendations to prevent acne and have a skin healthier. Trafficking not chew granite, that they leave marks on the skin difficult to remove. If the granite is about to leave used […]

How to make a clay mask for cleansing the face

how to make a clay mask for cleansing the face1

The clay mask is ideal for deeply exfoliate the skin of the face. This is why I leave today to prepare a clay or mud mask. The results are amazing, you will feel and see your skin much more relaxed with this beauty tip. Ingredients: 1 cup of prepared clay (sell in boticas or pharmacies […]

Homemade mask to remove the spots from the face

homemade mask to remove the spots from the face1

Natural yogurt is one of the ingredients used for homemade masks, and today leave you the tip on how to make a homemade mask to remove stains of the face. Rays of the Sun in the summer are very harmful for the skin and for those with sensitive skin many times can leave them spots […]

Tips for using the fringe in expensive round

tips for using the fringe in expensive round1

The fringe is still fashionable and believe that it will continue to use for a long time. You leave some tips today to show off the fringe if your face is round, so you do not worry about this, that thanks to these tips can look a fashion fringe. If your face is round and […]

How to get a blur makeup

how to get a blur makeup1

Fade look is a very chic for women style, above all to emerge from March or party at night. This blur makeup highlights look and gives a very seductive image and fashion women who wear it. This look is very easy to get, that we have to focus more on the eyes. Here I leave […]

Rihanna celebrates 100 years of Nivea

rihanna celebrates 100 years of nivea1

Of various contracts of employment that can acquire a model, actress or singer and most likes women is to be some prestigious brand of cosmetics and creams GIO. And such is the case of Rihanna who has been chosen to show the beauty of your skin in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the […]

They may develop a vaccine against acne

they may develop a vaccine against acne1

According to new research any vaccine to prevent acne may develop. For decades millions of adolescents have suffered by the aesthetic anti acne, however there already is a hope for them. Scientists have been able to develop what could be an effective treatment against acne, is a vaccine that promises to be the key to […]

Stress causes more acne in adult women

stress causes more acne in adult women1

A France study showed that women aged between 20 and 30 years are more prone to develop stress, especially if they are workers with many pressures. Acne not only attacking adolescent girls, because it has been shown that adult women with stress also tend to have problems with this skin disease. stress promotes the segregation […]

Fight Acne with natural Aloe Vera mask

fight acne with natural aloe vera mask2

After so many departures and irritating food for Christmas dinner, the appearance of acne on the skin is normal; there are many options to try to eradicate it, but it is always better to opt for the natural. Among the home remedies that help us How to remove acne is the mask of aloe vera […]

Measures to keep skin healthy and free of wrinkles

measures to keep skin healthy and free of wrinkles1

Premature aging is one of the things that the majority of women (and even men) fear face soon; the wrinkles may slow and even decrease if we make positive changes in our routine. Never too late to worry about How to care for the skin, so give some tips here to forget a little of […]

Plastic surgery can remove up to 10 years of the face

According to research from the University of Toronto, the people can remove up to 10 years of the face should they decide to undergo some type of plastic surgery. sociological studies found that even the slightest treatment of plastic surgery can make people look younger and alive to others. despite the many criticisms that are […]

HIV AIDS is growing more face of women in Costa Rica

san Jose, 1 mar (EFE).-30 years in Costa Rica in 20 patients with human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus was only one woman, but today the proportion has risen to one in four, according to official estimates. The whole of the United Nations on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) today introduced three studies on the situation of vulnerable […]

Turkey: Doctors perform quadruple limb transplantation

ANKARA (AP) – the Chief of medicine at a hospital in Turkey said his team carried out the first quadruple limb in the World Transplant put him two arms and two legs to a young. Murat Tuncer requested blood donors Saturday to confront possible complications after an operation of 20 hours for more than 50 […]

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria welcomes the Conference on law and medicine in March

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, 24 (EUROPA PRESS) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will become the meeting on law and medicine, organized by Juris Vegueta SLU, which will take place on 8 and 9 March in Hotel Cristina, reported the organization in a statement. In this way, medical criminal responsibility, ethical issues and legal face […]

Government Venezuela calls the unit for health of Chavez

CARACAS (Reuters) – the Venezuelan Government closed ranks Wednesday in lathe of President Hugo Chávez and called the “unity of the people”, in the midst of the uncertainty that triggered the surprise announcement of the representative that must operate it again because of an injury that might be cancerous. Chavez said on Tuesday that will […]

Botox, the venom of eternal youth.

beautician touching perfect famel face

Botox, the venom of eternal youth. Spain, February of 2012.- much has talked about Botox for years and thanks to their proven results, today enjoys wide acceptance throughout the world. Botox or Vistabel is one of the treatments more effective and popular for treating expression wrinkles. After its application produces a temporary relaxation on the […]

Sleep well increases the power of seduction.

Sleep well increases the power of seduction. surround everything allowing us a proper break begins by well-chosen a comforter and pillow. Spain, February 2012.- optimum rest brings numerous benefits: increases productivity, helps prevent diseases, promotes good humor, and also helps to maintain a healthy skin and a healthy appearance. A Swedish study recently published in […]

Before the wave of cold, special precautions for people older than 75 years

to the cold wave, special precautions for people over 75 years

La SEGG advises care for the elderly during the winter

-cold affects in particular the elderly, ageing alters the mechanisms of thermoregulation.

– winter favors the health problems of older people is worsening or that, even appear new pathologies.

-the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) made a series of recommendations addressed to the collective of the elderly in the face this winter.

Madrid, February 2012. The arrival of the cold wave can cause various health problems in the population in general and especially the Group of older persons.

For this reason, the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) wants to launch the next series of recommendations aimed at this age group is more susceptible to problems due to the decrease in thermal. According to the SEGG, the reason for these tips focuses on cold weather affects more older people because with aging alter the mechanisms of thermoregulation. fundamentally, generate less heat and are more easily to lose it as a vasoconstriction occurs in response to cold temperatures.

The entire population should be adequately protected from the cold, but must be done especially after age 75, and at ages below if there are health problems that limit mobility.

And is that, at this age, the cold worsens substantially all problems related to the circulatory system (angina pectoris, circulation in legs, ictus …) and with the respiratory system by the increase in respiratory infections.

In addition, cold encourages platelets to be added and that blood can circulate “ thicker ”, which in turn favors the onset of heart attack or stroke.

But one of the most serious problems that cause low temperatures and may lead to death is hypothermia. Hypothermia should be suspected in any older person who has cold skin and that is slower than both physically and mentally.

In addition, the SEGG reports that older people who are at greater risk of hypothermia are those living alone or those who have any of the following diseases: Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, some other problem of mobility, malnutrition, alcoholism, patients early with sedatives …

mild hypothermia starts with confusion and mental slowness, fatigue and may be accompanied by chills (used to generate heat). If the low temperature much causes a decrease in consciousness.

Recommendations of the SEGG to avoid the problems of cold

For the SEGG older people should take into account the following recommendations to protect themselves from the cold:

– winter be a diet that promotes the production of heat energy. Throughout the year, but increasing the intake of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, legumes) without forgetting the food with high protein content (meats and oily fish). It should not be forgotten in an adequate intake of fluids (water, teas, juices). and alcohol consumption should be avoided!

-the temperature in the home should not be never lower than 21ºc. The method of heating has no risk of burns or produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, older persons must always avoid the braziers and stoves that use butane. Electric heating or radiators is more advisable.

-clothes for the winter should be comfortable for the greater. It is preferable to put several layers of clothing that only one or two. It is very important to protect areas of the body where large amount of heat is lost (the head one can lose up to 25 percent of body heat) or who routinely are low primarily as hands and feet. When you go out to the street must be CAP, which preferably cover their ears and gloves. Shoes should not be Strait.

-the elderly must maintain the exercise in winter, not only because it promotes well-being in general, but because heat is generated this way. However, it should be prudent and the days of rain, snow and wind where there is high risk of falls is more convenient to perform physical activity at home. If you go by car should not forget to put the heating.

-relatives of older people should follow the recommendations with regard to cold call and visit these families often.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons warn that the helmet can save lives in skiing.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons warn that the helmet can save lives in ski

the head injury, the leading cause of death in the tracks.

-60% of injuries to the head area are avoidable protecting the head

-descents of slopes are particularly dangerous for children, which must always be protected

Madrid, January 2012.- integral helmet (which protects the entire face) can save lives in the ski slopes, as the most serious injuries occur in the facial bones, according to the Spanish society of surgery Oral and maxillofacial (SECOM) warns. A study published this month by the University of Innsbruck (Austria) shows that the leading cause of death in the ski slopes is the head injury.

Almost half of the deaths were produced by trauma in the head (46%), according to Austrian research published in the Wilderness and Environmental Medicine from 207 fatalities data in 5 years. The main causes of accidents with fatal outcome were the fall (41%), the clash against a solid object like a rock or facilities sports (35%) and the collision against another skier (18%). Most of the injured were men (85%).

Estimated doctor Joan Birbe, President of the Catalan-Balearic society of Oral and maxillofacial surgery, “ the widespread use of the integral helmet or a conventional helmet with splint protective as leading players of American football could prevent up to 60% of these injuries ”.

“ There is more awareness of the importance of using helmet to protect the head ”, continues this specialist. However, a conventional helmet “ does not protect from lesions in the mouth and jaw, which mostly are serious and can leave sequelae ”, adds. In his view, “ although one might think that the protectors of this type are only for professional skiing, reaching speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour, anyone can suffer severe trauma ”, stresses.

The increase in the number of skiers and snowboard practitioners has raised the rate of accidents. “ Snowboard usually attracts athletes typically bolder and youngest ”, explains Dr. Arturo Bilbao, President of the SECOM. The added problem of this sports “ es that have less capacity to slow down to avoid collision with other skiers ”.

Protection in children

Child protection must be extreme, warns doctor Bilbao. Another study published this month in the German journal of sports medicine Sportverletz Sportschaden ensures that lack of training and excessive risks in the drops are the most important causes of accidents among skiers schoolchildren. The research, carried out between 735 students injured in ski slopes of Germany, concludes that best way to combat school ski injuries is through warming and protection with the integral case.

In the same vein, Tourist Association of stations of ski and mountain (ATUDEM) alert on the obligation to wear the helmet in children and the benefits that also adults carry this protection. “ speed reached poses a risk to the skier who can suffer irreversible injury ”underlines the Director of ATUDEM, Paloma García Pasha.

The SECOM is a scientific society dedicated to the defense of the specialty and the promotion of science and outreach initiatives related to oral and maxillofacial interventions linked to deformities dentofacial, dentoalveolar, orthopedic surgery, pathology of head and neck Oncology, temporomandibular joint surgeryinfections and salivary gland pathology.

Care of the skin to look radiant on holidays.

Skin care for radiant look in festivities decembrinas.

hydration, professional cleaning and the use of innovative technologies, as it is the case of pole RF, applied successfully to regenerate the skin, are some of the treatments to which eligible women to shine at parties decembrinas.

Spain, December of 2011- the skin begins to experience changes thirties arise when the first signs of proper aging, among several factors, the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers to tighten the skin.

Likewise, they also contribute to the deterioration of the skin lack of Sun protection, stress, bad eating habits, physical inactivity, consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Arriving at this stage of life the skin loses luminosity, it becomes opaque, presented dry, are accentuated expression lines that are already beginning to be visible from the third decade.The loss of sagging occurs not only in the face but also in other parts of the body, such as the arms, thighs, abdomen and neck.

Mirna Perez cosmetologist recommends that care with a rigorous routine of beauty which implies a good cleaning, exfoliation and moisturizing will work after that age, we can also take advantage of new technologies which are applied successfully to regenerate the skin.

Come the holidays so it is an excellent opportunity to show off a younger and more lush, face getting treatments as the RF cable that give a lifting effect immediately.

The tripolar radio, is a technique of last generation, non-invasive, allowing skin toning of face, neck and body, by means of electro heating, managing to regenerate collagen, reduce cellulite and adiposity of abdomen, buttocks and legs. Applied with success in the face and neck and also at the body level. Face and neck generally warrants from 5 to 6 sections, once per week. While in the body, recommended between 10 and 14 sections, which vary according to the characteristics of the patient.

“ Important thing is that it has little contraindications, really is a safe and effective treatment ”, says the expert.
Adds the cosmetologist that arriving at the fourth decade, many women are agonizing by the presence of lines of expression. “ at this age are recorded a series of hormonal changes that accompany the proximity or arrival of the menopause, which are reflected in the skin. Fat can be passed to dry, usually appear spots, including acne, why must care for her according to these transformations, seek advice, you should not improvise ”.

In addition to this innovative technique, explains Mirna Perez, it is necessary to strictly follow daily care, which is called beauty routine. The use of sunscreen daily is essential, because exposing the skin to the Sun causes premature aging, as well as the risk of skin cancer. The application of treatments such as cleaning and professional hydration and the proper use of quality products is also recommended “.

Of equal importance is a balanced diet, water intake and an exercise routine, i.e., a healthy lifestyle.

Shoulders arms chest exercises

For women is very important to feel good with our body, many times we it dislike certain parts and this leads us to problems of self-esteem. But you can always better the aspect of our body with simple exercises. To work shoulders, strengthen arms and sustain strong chest you approach this routine specified to exercise the upper body.

-us place standing with the legs flexed and slightly separated, raise the arms extended upwards and began to move in circles and crossing arms. A series of 12 times.

– Stand we extend the arms Cross and make a soft bounce up and down, then we raise the arms to form a square then closed gathering arms at the height of the head. We carry out these exercises a few times 15.

– in standing posture we flexionamos and somewhat separate legs. The back must be well right, we take the elbows or forearms with hands and we brought them over the head. Then we must pull them up slowly and we return to the starting position. Please make two series of 10 exercises.

– the flexions of chest or lizards have notoriety that are painful and difficult, at first it can cost but then that performed them in the form followed allows obtain much strength and toning the arms. Placed the body face down on the ground vertically, then we put the arms at the height of the shoulders with the head looking forward. Then we raise the body separating legs on the floor and flexionamos arms. We hope a few seconds and slowly got to upload.

These exercises probably the first times that we carry out us are aching a little arms and shoulders but it is natural for the work of the muscles. It should persevere and keep practicing until that these exercises are very easy to us. This not only routine improves the appearance of muscles that will give us more strength in ellos and allow the chest to stay strong. Spend a while every day to not only exercise will be to see better but we will be much more healthy.

Party makeup

When you have an event or celebration is important not only to choose the dress or outifit most suitable but also in the hairstyle and make-up.  Determine the makeup that works in our favor is very positive to achieve a stunning image at a party. The perfect makeup should be able to conceal a defect that we conceal and highlight our best features and therefore the natural beauty of the face.

the previous day is convenient to rest well so that the face has a refreshed look.  Prior to makeup a simple cleaning is convenient and putting moisturising cream a few hours before the event.  Some tips to keep in mind is to choose a good basis and a color thing more like our skin to look good. A few worked well makeup eyes should be tailored, placed mask tab and arched if we want to make eyes more shocking and shadows.  For the eyes must choose vibrant colors but that they are in harmony with the costumes, the other option is to choose the dorado which is a colour which fits well with all types of skin and faces.

Smoky eyes are very sexy and very well for a more formal party. Lipstick may be different shades of bright roses, red color, to give prominence to the lips. A little Rouge gives the final touch for makeup this well complete. The holidays are the best opportunity to show off cool can dare to use make-up with colors and techniques during other moments are not adequate. This time you can choose glitter, large powders, eyelashes, and what improves and strengthens the image of our face. < br / > but know that kind of makeup you favors or colors used have two alternatives to consult a professional image or test you days before makeup colours and different techniques.  See sexy, elegant and glamorous at a party regardless of the age is possible, but we have to take the time to fix, not only with styling but with makeup.

Makeup for a party

Makeup is essential to look good at a party. Choose type of make up go is the most appropriate for each event can be difficult at times as it should be combined with our clothes.  There are several options to choose a makeup can be a natural style where only highlights or the eyes or mouth and the rest of the face is neutral, this makeup adapts to all kinds of holiday.

if we opt for these corrective makeup, and natural can use important dresses with brightness, flown, embroidered et almost as any color that we like.  The other option is to use a most played makeup that uses shades of gold, silver and strong colors like violet, blue, pink, glitter and shine among others to carry out a major look where we will not pass unnoticed.  If we choose to give it much prominence to the makeup have to choose a dress more sober colors and design to make that highlight our face and not the clothes because but there will be an overload in the image that is not well. < br / > age is also an aspect to take into account, if you’re very young is not advisable to wear both makeup already than younger skin with few touches of colors and enhance the mouth or the eyes is enough to see good.

Instead of older women can use proofreaders, base, emphasize the eyes or mouth as needed, Arch and painting tabs or even use eyelashes. Because if this well developed makeup improves the image of the person. If the event is important and we have time is a good habit to take a make-up test to prove that look we are going to choose and which works in our favor. It is also important to use good quality makeup so it lasts all the time in which we will be at the party and not run or despinte, leaving us very untidy.  A party is the opportunity to fix us and see stunning as well as to try out new styles in makeup that enhances our beauty. Makeup complements to the locker room by which both must be in balance to be elegant and sophisticated.

According to your skin hair colors

Choosing the right hair colour is essential to highlight our face and image. We must take into account not only the fashion colors or which we would like to show off but the tone of your skin that will determine if we stayed well or not.  The color of the skin and the eyes are two extremely important aspects to determine hair color more suitable for every woman. The Councils are quite simple to be able to combine the colors of the face with her hair.

If skin tone is clear and pale, should choose warm colors as reddish, coppery, light brown and blond hair in different colors. If the skin is color olive or dark must choose colors like black, chocolate brown, mahogany and chestnut trees. In this type of skin not recommended use blond color because it emphasised too and in general gives an artificial aspect in the case of face having skin more rosada is recommended to choose tones within the range of clear the blondes and chestnut trees.  It is important that the hair color looks natural although it is not. If you want to change the tone of the hair and you don’t know well that color choice can consult a stylist you advisors and even do a test of a small part of the hair color to see how. Sometimes it is necessary to mix different colors to achieve the tone we seek so it is desirable that such work is conducted in the hairdresser.

Another important aspect that each brand has its ranges of colors so if we change of tincture surely it is difficult that coincide with another one that we use. Also each brand has its own forms of application with their products so well set the color. A good dye must stop the hair with a smooth, shiny and neat tone. If after the dyeing the hair is pajoso is because this tincture is not very good. Hair color can overshadow and deslucir the face or enhance it and highlight the most beautiful traits, that is why it is important to choose correctly.

Reflexology massage

Reflexology is an ancient massage technique, since it is believed that I was used in China 5000 years ago back. < br / > the reflexology massage is used to diagnose and treat conditions on the health of people. Based on the idea that there are in the body certain reflex points mainly in the hands and feet but also in some other areas that represent the bodies. < br / > and if it is pressed or massages these points have a positive effect because it will unlock and energy circulate better so it is possible to alleviate ailments or to promote healing.

the reflexology massage causes a calming effect that generates the calm in the muscles and the nervous system. Massages are carried out through continuous or alternate pressure on specific points of the foot, hand or face. < br / > reflexology does not work in areas of the body hurt or injured, but it used the point depicted in the foot to treat disease or ailment that is in any organ or area of the body. < br / > reflexology is used to treat various pathologies such as back pain, head, teeth, to treat disorders digestive and inflammation in the liver, also helps to stimulate blood circulation, the endocrine glands and the system immune. < br / > it is very effective for the symptoms of stress and tension, colds, flu, asthma, arthritis, among other conditions. < br / > This technique has no age limits to be used because it benefits everybody, if we have to take into account some contraindications. < br / > people with certain medical conditions should not resort to reflexology as in the case of suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, phlebitis, arthritis in the feet or women pregnant women because it can deliver you effects not desired. < br / > is convenient to consult to the doctor before attending session of reflexology that advised on if it can do it or not. Each massage session lasts in 30 to 40 minutes. < br / > must be borne in mind that it requires several sessions to begin to see improvements in the body, but are obtained good results in the medium term. < br / > this natural alternative therapy is based on solid scientific knowledge is not discussed as others so is widely used, as a complement to treat conditions in which it is also carrying out treatment conventional. < br / > reflexology is very positive to restore balance and harmony in the body

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup also is known as dermopigmentación or micropigmentation. This is a cosmetic technique which consists of the application of pigments in the skin to correct, embellish or redesign any zone.
permanent makeup aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of any part of the body that has certain natural imperfections or by other causes.
for permanent makeup fine needles are used to introduce the pigment and make the desired design. Areas of the body where such work is performed are the eyebrows, parpado, lips, scars and to cover tattoos.
this makeup is not forever has a duration of about 1 year and a half to two years depending on the place of the body where he and the pigments used. Then eventually the skin absorbs the pigment for what should be done tinkering to keep good.

the advantages of permanent makeup is that if this done well always the same lucirás as if you’d makeup at the time. Also allows correct imperfections in the face or some feature that we dislike as lips and eyebrows very fine, make a line in the eyelids to highlight the eyes among other applications.
No permanent makeup in parts of the body can be used with freckles, warts, moles or injured not cicatrizadas.
persons with positive HIV, pregnant women, who take drugs to be anticoagulantsallergies, diabetic or diseases Chronicles.
before making this kind of aesthetic treatment it is advisable to consult the dermatologist to advise us. It is also very important if we have the authorization of the doctor go to a serious aesthetic Centre and registered professionals to ensure a good result.
must be borne in mind that after this treatment the zone was vera swollen for a few days by punctures from needles, although it is not painful skin produced a small wound that must heal. Sun after days of making a permanent make-up should not be taken. The true secret of permanent makeup is it see natural and pleasant, must highlight and better face or the body part where took place the dermopigmentación.

How to maintain youthful skin

To keep the young skin, soft and beautiful is a challenge as the years pass but with some care it is possible to achieve excellent results. < br / > young skin is as features strength, soft texture and moisture which makes it beautiful and radiant.

If we want to maintain youthful skin should:

-avoid smoking and drinking alcohol or coffee too much alter the skin already that toxins and elements containing affect health causing the appearance of wrinkles and aging premature.

-No sunbathing in excess either natural tanning beds as ultraviolet rays damage the skin and her aging by the loss of water.

– Follow a routine of beauty which must be clean and exfoliate daily skin especially in the face to apply a moisturizing cream. It is essential to get us the face make-up is not anything positive spend more time than is necessary with these products

-perform facial and treatment cosmetologías every 3 or 4 months can help maintain the elasticity and firmness of the body.

-35 Years we can begin to use creams anti age to avoid or delay the onset of the first wrinkles in the face

Is important to provoke different creams to find which is the best adapted to our skin. But must consult with the dermatologist so we advise that type of cream or treatment can do to make your skin look much better.

– A balanced and healthy diet is also important to keep the skin young despite the passage of time. Foods that help that this healthy skin and bella are almonds, carrot, pumpkin, banana, avocado, kiwi, mango, tomato, broccoli, grapes, pepper red. < br / > requires a daily consumption and varied of these foods to be able to observe the results. < br / > is very important to keep a healthy lifestyle so that this will be reflected in our skin which this healthy, beautiful and luminous. < br / > the State of our skin is much talk of us therefore must guard it to make it see young more than age to have.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic mansaje as its name indicates it search system stimulate lymphatic with his hands and fingers. Its goal is to help eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body massaging lymph nodes. < br / > nodes lymphatics which are in the face, armpits, neck, English, pelvis, abdomen, throat, chest, near the elbow, pelvis, Chin and the clavicle are the areas of the body where massage is practiced. < br / > this lymphatic massage is used to treat conditions as cellulite, as treatment for some aesthetic operations, varicose veins, fatigue in the legs, fibromyalgia, prevention of stretch marks, to improve chronic disease of the Airways such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis.

as well as help in case of dislocations, muscle jerks, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, facial edema, tendinitis, problems of nerves and anxiety. < br / > also improves the digestive system and circulatory system. This massage helps fight high blood pressure, headaches, depression other affections. < br / > this massage is very effective, although soft movements by which patient does not feel pain when you receive. < br / > lymphatic massage sessions are about 45 minutes to 1 hour to make it truly complete. This type of massage is received with a very slight or no clothes for the massage can touch the correct points in the body. < br / > do not use creams or oils, it is a dry massage very beneficial for the health. < br / > after the massage you have need to go to the bathroom to eliminate toxins through the urine. < br / > after a session of lymphatic massage feels a very pleasant feeling renewed body and very relaxed. < br / > this massage can be received by people of all ages who want to prevent or fight some diseases. If we doubt must consult to the doctor so we advise if it is convenient for us to use it or not. < br / > the lymphatic massage helps to keep us healthy both inside and outside our body. This body massage offers aesthetic benefits but also in people’s health, why doctors so recommend often to treat certain ailments. < br / > as any treatment needs several sessions to produce positive results but then become very visible.

Increase of fashion sunglasses

Glasses are an accessory very top and used consistently. But it is also an important element for many people who need to see. Today having to use sunglasses increase is not a major aesthetic problem, that there are a wide variety in market. It is possible to take care of the health of your eyes without ceasing to be splendid. Women They can lead glasses to see, with style and fashion. Trends in sunglasses with increased son:

lenses with marcos square, fine and retro style in different colors like red, black, blue, grey, green. This type of glasses help soften the face that they give a relaxed for being light. image

Lenses with large frameworks, it seems a contradiction, but for several years this fashion nerd cool style or intellectual. These glasses are really big, attract attention and highlight our eyes in the face, this type of glasses remains very well for some women.

Lens style vintage are always in fashion, they are a classic. Size medium and forms are retro.

-Oval frameworks has been using for some time and are still fashionable.

Every woman should try several styles and models of goggles before deciding and see which best suits your face. The shape of the face and the features of each person makes the glasses look differently to each. It must also take into account the age and were used when the glasses that match your lifestyle.  It is very important that sunglasses are an element in the face that does not distract and it is the first thing you see the face, you must also hide the eyes.  We must have patience when it comes to choosing the right framework, see shapes, sizes and colors. Everything must be harmonious so that our face continue wearing with glasses on.  Can be fashion with glasses with only increase need to be creative and encourage us to show how well remaining when the model is perfect.

Oily skin remove the brightness of your face

Women who have oily skin require certain actions to show off a face without shine, smooth and clean. The excessive fatty generates an off aspect, the skin has a thicker texture, blackheads and dilated pores.  There are various causes that can generate the cleanser on the face such as hormonal issues, stress, type of food, among others.  But it can be controlled with an adequate treatment routine. You can use the peroxide benzilo, aluminum chloride, glycolic acid are substances appropriate to Unclog pores and achieve that face look clean.

also helps to reduce a little production of cleanser. You can buy without prescription and are useful to remove dead skin cells and prevent the emergence of blackheads and acne. Pure jojoba oil is also effective to clean and remove the fat. It is recommended to wash the face only in the morning every day with specific SOAP for oily skin.  If we need to wash during the only day we must do it with water, before makeup we must cleanse ourselves with wet wipes or paper tisue and choose base and other make-up that do not have oil.  We can then use a non-oily moisturizer and it for sensitive skin.  Once or twice a week can be exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse the face and then continue with the rest of the process.

Not it is possible to completely eliminate the oily skin but with patience can control it and wear a clean, healthy and radiant face. We must prove that treatments and products give us better results.  The key is be persevering and daily perform cleansing, moisturizing and weekly exfoliation.  If we have the option of going to a beauty center where there are masks and specific for this type of skin treatments. Routine care of the face for this type of skin may be a bit tedious but the long-term results worth.  You can achieve a radiant and clean face but we must do a little when we have oily skin.

Colombia highlights progress in helping the victims of mines antipersonnel

Phnom Penh, 29 nov (EFE).-Colombia stressed today “significant progress” in the integral assistance to the victims of anti-personnel mines on its territory, during his speech at the meeting on the Ottawa Convention being held in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

“The Colombian State has been reported significant progress in the implementation of the measures on comprehensive assistance to victims referred to in the Plan of action of Cartagena.” “However, still face great challenges”, said Ana María Díaz Uribe, Coordinator of the presidential programme for the Integral action against anti-personnel mines (Paicma).

A total of 438 Colombians were victims of anti-personnel mines between January and October of this year.

“Although this (the fact) shows a decrease of 23 per cent of victims compared with the same period of the 2010, Colombia still faces a problem of major proportions”, said Diaz during his speech.

The Colombian presented himself as an “unprecedented” Act victims and restitution of lands sanctioned by President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon this year, which opens another via official attention to integral of the affected.

In this sense, Díaz stated that 100 percent of the affected civilians have been contacted and oriented in 2011,

Is an important fact because in Colombia the victim or the family of the dead by a mine has six months to inform the authorities and processing compensation or reparation, as otherwise he loses his rights.

Colombia, one of the countries with more cases of accidents of landmines, hosted the second Conference of review of the Ottawa Convention, in 2009, which was closed down in order to provide greater assistance to the victims.

The meeting in Phnom Penh, which began yesterday with the assistance of more than one hundred countries responsible for reviewing the progress made with the Plan of action of Cartagena, will close Friday.

The Ottawa Convention, which regulates the use, Stockpiling, production, sale and destruction of anti-personnel mines, came into force in 1999, with the aim that the world was free of these artifacts in 2009.

It has been ratified by 158 countries, of which 153 have confirmed that they already do not have devices stored.

Not signatory Governments include China, India, Russia, United States, Israel, Morocco, Cuba or Singapore. EFE

Southern Africa, the most affected by cuts in funds against AIDS

Johannesburg (Reuters)-them countries of el South of Africa, that face it worse of the pandemic of HIV / AIDS, will be probably them more affected in them next three years, since one of them greater donor of el world will reduce them funds that brings to combat the disease, said activists.


The Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced last week the cut in funding for countries fighting against these diseases, after failing in the collection of at least $ 13 billion needed to finance their programmes.

The Fund said earlier this month which was reducing new grants for funding for the Nations to combat these ailments.

The global fund public-private partnership based in Geneva is the maximum funder of the fight against HIV and provides more than 70 percent of the funds for developing nations to obtain medications antiretrovirals (ARVS), who saves lives.

It is expected that the countries of southern Africa that rely heavily on the Global Fund – including Swaziland, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique – registered increases in deaths and infections as a result of the cuts in funding. The reservations of ARV also diminish.

“It is a disaster for Zimbabwe as a country,” said Faizel Tezera, head of doctors without borders in that country.

“More than 86,000 persons may remain untreated and some 5,000 children will be affected,” said Tezera to journalists.

Worldwide, some 33 million people living with HIV. Nearly two-thirds of that total inhabit Africa sub-Saharan.

The fight against AIDS activists indicate that the situation in Swaziland, where about 26 percent of the population of 1.2 million people living with HIV, was serious before the fall in reserves of ARV.

Representatives of doctors without borders and the South African Group Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) warn of an impending disaster.

“The quality of treatment will be strongly committed”, she said Safari Mbewe, spokesman for the network of people living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi

Malawi, where about 10 percent of the population or 960.000 people living with the disease that attacks the immune system, had hopes for new scholarships for the next year to deal with the estimated 70,000 new infections.

“It is catastrophic for our Nations, particularly for women and children,” said TAC spokesman Nokhwezi Haboyi.

Some South African State facilities are struggling with shortages of drugs ARVS, even though 80 percent of the funds to combat HIV/AIDS coming from the Government.

Patients in hospice funded by donors recently were referred to of health public facilities because many shut down for the loss of funding.

(Mmathabo Tladi report); (Edited by Ana Laura Mitidieri in Spanish)

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