Take care of teeth can avoid future orthodontics.

Take care of teeth can avoid future orthodontics. dental hygiene should start with the first teeth and it is essential from the appearance of the first molar. -leave the child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can cause very aggressive caries -some children have more tendency to suffer from decay by grooves […]

How stop tooth decay (Dental Caries) and How to deal with the caries in children?

Gentle Dental Treatment -Remedies for treatment and dental sensitivity-dental hypersensitivity

How stop tooth decay (Dental Caries) : Tooth decay is the same as dental caries. It is also known as tooth decay. It is the result of a cavity in the tooth and if untreated it can extend from the enamel of teeth (the harsh covered external tooth) the softer dentin within. Tooth decay is […]

Caring for teeth may prevent future orthodontics.

Take care of teeth may prevent future orthodontics. dental hygiene should start with the first teeth and it is essential from the appearance of the first molar. -leave the child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can cause very aggressive caries -some children have more tendency to suffer from decay by grooves […]

Healthy Tips for recovering from Christmas empachos.

Healthy Tips for recovering from the empachos Christmas.

-dinners and meals excessive, often rich in fat and salt, are responsible for the so-called ‘ empachos ’

-lemon juice and tea of Chamomile are the most traditional and effective remedies to recover from these abuses

-Dr. Iñaki Ferrando, director of medical communication of Sanitas, it proposes a series of tips to improve the digestion during the holiday season

Madrid, 2011-December has come Christmas and with it the excesses with meals. The abundant and especially calorie menus break the routine of our organism and generate an overwork on the stomach which ends up taking a toll.

Savoury dishes rich in fat, alcoholic and soft drinks and forceful desserts are a dangerous mix which, in most cases derived simply in a heavy digestion, but that, on occasions, produces greater discomfort as empachos and indigestion.

Pain in stomach, a feeling of heaviness, burning, gas and acidity, vomiting can become unexpected companions of these celebrations if not eaten in moderation and not cured after an abundant meal. Dr. Iñaki Ferrando, director of medical communication of Sanitas, remember that “ even though they are special dates and the menu is not the usual, must try to eat 15% protein, 30% fat and 55% carbohydrates ”.

Remedies for Christmas empachos

Although Dr. Ferrando ensures that “ moderation is the best gift for Christmas for our stomach ”, offers us a series of practical and effective advice to recover after a Christmas indigestion:

-Ante early symptoms of indigestion, start a soft diet based on vegetable broths, purees, fruits, fish to el steam, etc. to give a breathe to el stomach.

-mix the juice of a lemon with a liter of water, a tip of knife of bicarbonate of sodium and another of salt and drink a glass every three hours.

-after a food copious, mix a tablespoon of root of ginger in a cup of water boiling.Let rest and take.

– soon begin with the typical desserts of the era, such as the marzipan and nougat, take fresh pineapple or papaya because they contain papain and Bromelain respectively, enzymes that facilitate the digestion of the protein.

-ripe plantain is also a good choice as natural antacidas well as so consumed grapes at this time, helps digestion and prevent the irritation of stomach.

-infusions of Chamomile, mint and tila are natural solutions that protect the digestive system, balance the production of the gastric juices and decrease the formation of gas.

In more intense cases, Dr. Iñaki Ferrando ensures that “ gastronomic abuses can produce Biliary colic in predisposed individuals, which is manifested by pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen (mouth of the stomach and liver), generally radiating to the back ”. If this occurs and the previous recommendations not aliviasen the symptoms, it is advisable to go to the consultation of a specialist.

Group Sanitas

The Sanitas group, specializing in health and health care partner, includes companies: Sanitas insurance, Sanitas hospitals, Sanitas Residencial and Sanitas new business. You sanitas insurance is the leading company with regard to private customers of insurance for medical care and health in Spain, with 1.98 million members. In 2010, its turnover was EUR 1.449,5 million.

You sanitas hospital manages four hospitals and 17 medical centers multiespecialidad.

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Zumoterapia, natural and healthy

The options are endless: from the classic orange juice squeezed until the exotic combinations of fruits, without forgetting the products of the orchard. Experts say that the appropriate mix of nutrients present in the juice can prevent and treat health problems

The zumoterapia is the “systematic intake of juices of fruits and vegetables in order to prevent or cure health problems”, explains Montse Folch, nutritionist of the Vila-Rovira Institute of Barcelona and the author of the book “Zumoterapia for your health”.

However, the specialist clarifies that selected products must contain specific nutrient amounts that the zumoterapia get the desired benefits.

According to Folch, the zumoterapia can reduce the chances of suffering from certain diseases subject to genetic inheritance, among other factors. In addition, this practice “can boost the immune system, relieve pain and depurara the body”, according to.

Can choose among a wide variety of fruits to prepare a fresh juice and combine all that we want. However, the nutritionist recommended that at least one of them is rich in vitamin C. In this group are the kiwis, strawberries and citrus.

Take juice should not imply stop consuming pieces of fruit. “It’s go alternating, as the two options can be beneficial to the organism”, underlines the expert.

“If we properly wash the piece of fruit and her eat with skin, will increase the contribution of fiber.” But the advantage of the juice is can get the nutritional benefits of more than one fruit in one shot, indicates.

However, the fruit is not the only option in the preparation of a juice, because the products of the garden are an equally healthy alternative. All vegetables are valid but they will require a greater cleaning to be squeezed or licuadas, warns dietician.

In this case, it is also advisable to choose vegetables depending on the seasonal calendar. Thus, the specialist advised to take juices from spinach and cabbage in winter and radishes or zucchini in summer.

Both fruit juices and vegetables contain different benefits for the body. “Allow to achieve recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables because it is easier to consume them in juice who do so in whole pieces,” says Folch.

Purification LEÓN.

EFE reports.

You can choose from a variety of fruits to prepare a fresh juice and combine them to our own liking, but the advisable is that at least one of them is rich in vitamin C.

Take juice is an option very balanced and nutritious to maintain our body properly hydrated.

Take juice should not imply stop consuming pieces of fruit, warn experts.

The benefits of fruit juices

We all know the importance of the fruit in a balanced diet. But between work, children, the gym and others, few have time to eat the five pieces of fruit per day recommended by experts. Juices are often the best option. Therefore, today I recommended a number of natural remedies to help you in your moments of weakness.

  • Blueberries for urine infections. Bilberry contains natural elements to avoid the bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract and bladder.
  • Cherries for tendinitis. This fruit is very beneficial for the system locomotive.
  • White for anaemia nettle. If we mix an infusion of 25 grams of white nettle with quarter-litre of apricot juice get a drink that will promote the production of red blood cells in our body
  • Tomato, cucumber and onion for the hangover.To avoid a tremendous hangover after a night of excess, must take before go to sleep and get up tomato juice, mixed with a cucumber, a quarter of small onion and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Mora for mouth infections. This fruit will give us plenty of vitamin A, C and tannins.
  • Grape for nasal congestion. The red, as well as do away with stuffy nose grape helps overcome States flu.
  • Pineapple and ginger for sore throat. Mixing half slice of half centimeter of ginger and pineapple juice will be able to bring down the inflammation.
  • Orange for the cold. Taken every morning, the orange juice helps to prevent the flu. In addition to take an orange a day helps prevent certain types of cancer.

With these little tricks Pro-Israel survive the winter in full form do you think? do you urge?


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Combat stress naturally

stress it is the evil of the century, many people suffer and hardly you get rid of him. But mother nature, always so wise gives us with their plants, home remedies to combat and reduce the stress in a meaningful way. I hope that you serve as aid.

E.g. Borage, a plant whose juice will help us combat the stress and feel much better. In this case is used the water of Borage, which helps regular abnormal hormonal activities in the body that are the triggers for stress. or Valerian, a plant very well known and used in many places. This plant helps us in the same way that the water of Borage. It is even widely used to help the insomniacs fall asleep. Her can take in capsules

And ginseng, its consumption enables our body to combat stress, in addition to being a great restorative. I also recommend Linden, which is well known for its soothing power, although it is soft, helps much.

Viton messages of life

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Antioxidant effect juice granada in insulin secretion and sensitivity in patients with obesity.

Antioxidant effect juice granada in insulin secretion and sensitivity in patients with obesity.

Spain, 2011-August study published recently by the research unit in Medical clinical epidemiology, Hospital de Especialidades, high specialty medical unit, National Medical Center’s Institute West and Mexican of the insurance Social.

Unit of Cardiovascular Research, Department of Physiology, Sciences of the health of the Central University of the University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Objective: To evaluate the effect of the juice of granada in insulin secretion and sensitivity in patients with obesity.

Methods: Study randomized, double blind, controlled placebo trial was carried out in 20 subjects obese, adult volunteers.

After the random allocation of the intervention, 10 patients received 120 ml of juice of granada or a placebo, in fasting during 1 month. Glucose, uric acid, creatinine, lipid profile and insulin were measured at the beginning of the study, and glucose and insulin were also measured at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. The area under the curve of glucose and insulin, total insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity was calculated.

Results: There was a significant increase in weight, body mass and fat mass in the group index placebo after the intervention.

The secretion of insulin and insulin sensitivity is not changed with the administration of Pomegranate juice.

There was no significant difference in the variation of the fat mass between groups (1.1 ± 1.1% vs – 1.4 ± 3,0%, p = 0.010 and placebo groups in Grenada, respectively).

Conclusion: the administration of 1 month Pomegranate juice not modified insulin secretion and sensitivity in patients with obesity, however the group that swallowed Pomegranate juice, the natural evolution of weight gain and the fat was stopped.

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