Gentle Dental Treatment Remedies for treatment and dental sensitivity (dental hypersensitivity)

Gentle Dental Treatment -Remedies for treatment and dental sensitivity-dental hypersensitivity

Gentle Dental Treatment -Remedies for treatment and dental sensitivity (dental hypersensitivity) For millions of people, sensitive teeth can make life impossible. The pain and discomfort that still favorite hot or cold impossible to enjoy the food. That all is not lost. In many cases, sensitive teeth can be treated successfully with what always sought relief […]

Some myths that are about relationships

some myths that are about relationships1

There are many myths about how it should be a relationship, many people choose to believe despite the fact that they are completely false and unfounded. So that the couples have a better coexistence and harmony, is important to refute these false beliefs that people tend to have about the courtship. according to research made […]

Colombian city zoo animals receive dental treatments

Bogota, 10 sep (EFE).-A total of five animals of a Colombian Zoo today received dental treatment in a clinical veterinary medicine of the city of Medellín, developing a health campaign seeking their well-being.

Marta Ocampo Mejía, veterinary, medical pointed out that a sacred yellow, two ocelot, a ferret and a coati, passed through dental procedures involving root canals, revision and cleaning of teeth.

The treatments were carried out by a group of practitioners of dentistry, anaesthetics and veterinary medicine, the Veterinary Clinic of the University CES of Medellín, capital of the Department of Antioquia.

The seized copies are part of the collection of animals of the Zoo Santa Fe Park in Medellín.

Treatment they were subjected the animals ensures that they may have a better life, because they were corrected them inconvenience that prevented them from eating normally.

A copy of sacred yellow (Papio hamadryas), is to undergo dental surgery on the premises of the Veterinary Clinic of CES in Medellín (Colombia). Treatments carried out correct inconvenience and problems that hinder its food. EFE

Nausea in pregnancy: how to tackle them

from the fifteen days of pregnancy (which means that they can be a good warning to those who do not know that they are) often appears the first nausea. It is not always the case, but women who have suffered know annoying and unpleasant that may be.

Eliminate them altogether is a matter of time, since it is normal that disappear to the third month;but to reach it, there are some tricks that can help you cope with them.

the lemon is an effective remedy known from yesteryear. You can take advantage of their properties by adding a rodajita of lemon to a cup of hot water, or simply prepare a glass of juice of lemon lowered with water. Sometimes simply c hupar directly a slice of this citric acid to control nausea.

The Ginger is also an effective calming in these cases.Cookies or breakfast ginger Marmalade will help eliminate the nausea of the morning, and infusions of root of ginger with a little honey.

Cola drinks come in your help!But not you drink them a drink, but to SIPs and with a dessert spoon. The cola without caffeine is recommended, and if remove gas removing it before taking it, better still.

If you are greedy and nausea after eating, takes and takes as a “ appetizer ” a teaspoon of condensed milk, licking her slowly. Later, he left that they within ten minutes and takes two tablespoons of soft drink. Wait another ten minutes before eating.

Image / Alessandrogiraldi.

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