The “Purchase with the heart” workshop will teach citizens to identify which foods are healthy for your arteries

workshop “ purchase with the heart ” teach citizens to identify which foods are healthy for your arteries -Will be held the coming 7 and 8 June in Reus, framed within the Congress XXV of the Spanish society of Arteriosclerosis -formative activity attendees will know what your cardiovascular risk Barcelona, June of 2012- the coming […]

Progress in the cytogenetic techniques will allow to identify the more aggressive cases of cancer of the blood.

Progress in the cytogenetic techniques will allow to identify more aggressive cases of the blood cancer. the Group cooperative Spanish Hematológica cytogenetics (GCRCGH) held its 4th National Symposium in Toledo under the title “ cytogenetic techniques advances in the diagnosis of the malignant Hemopathies ”. -the Dr. Christine Harrison, President of the English group of […]

Prostate cancer is the type of cancer affecting men

healthy eating to prevent prostate cancer2

Prostate cancer is the type of cancer affecting men, but with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, disease and many other ailments can be avoided. If you want to prevent prostate cancer, today I will give you some healthy tips so they can improve their lifestyle and be excluded from the scope of this terrible […]

paho requests iachr issued recommendations to protect citizens with hiv 2

Washington, 23 mar ( EFE).-the Pan American Health Organization ( PAHO) today expressed its concern on the situation of HIV-positive in the Caribbean and asked to see a recommendation to ensure the rights of people with HIV in America. PAHO, regional agency of the World Organization of health, said at a hearing before the Inter-American […]

attacks on health care reform of obama focus the eve of primaries in louisiana 2

Washington, 23 mar (EFE).-the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in the United States.UU. today focused on attacking health care reform of the Barack Obama Government on the eve of the primaries in Louisiana, where Rick Santorum is obliged to win to stop the streak of Mitt Romney. On the second anniversary of the enactment […]

health care reform of obama turns 2 years on the eve that supreme court her review

Washington, 23 mar (EFE).-the health care reform enacted in 2010 for the U.S. President, Barack Obama, is today two years as the greatest achievement of its mandate and the most maligned by his adversaries on the eve that the Supreme Court heard arguments in favour and against. Legislation – officially known as Act of care […]

The UN says that Latin America policies could help reduce hunger in Africa

taken in Latin America Nairobi, 5 APR ( EFE).- A series of policies on food and food security could serve to reduce hunger in Africa, said today the special UN rapporteur for the right to food, Olivier Schutter. At a press in Nairobi, De Schutter said that, since 2005, several Latin American countries, “such as […]

Poor diet and lack exercise jeopardize childrens health, according to a survey

Los Angeles, 4 Apr (EFE).-the unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise are the major factors that put at risk the health of children, according to the results of a survey of voters in California presented today. Annual research “Survey on prevention of the obesity child”, performed by The Field Poll, found a significant increase […]

More than 65 per cent of clinics in Andalusia placed dental implants

More than 65 per cent of clinics in Andalusia placed dental implants. more than 300 hygienists met in Seville to form on the keys to success in the maintenance of implants dental. -currently, the reliability of the osseo integration of implants is 99% – the course was conducted on Saturday 24 March at the official […]

Predicting rainfall in Honduras for last days of Holy week

Tegucigalpa, 24 mar ( EFE).-the Permanent Commission of contingencies ( I Copeco) forecast today rainfall for the last days of Holy week in Honduras, although the first four of the period will be much Sun. Sunday 1 to Wednesday, April 4, the days will be sunny, but the rest of Holy week are recorded rainfall […]

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