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The cinnamon challenge can cause death according to studies

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For some time, a curious challenge began to take much popularity: consume a spoonful of cinnamon ground in less than a minute.

in addition to the discomfort like sore throat and congestion in the chest, research concludes that the cinnamon challenge is extremely dangerous for the health.

considering that cinnamon is a quite common at meals condiment (mainly for dessert), it is strong enough to say that consumption can be deadly, what is this?

The University of Michigan presents the Mother Nature Network daily that the organic component that gives cinnamon its distinctive flavor is used as pesticide dose concentrated, similar to the spoonful consumed when he wants to take the ‘ challenge of cinnamon ’.

The challenge of cinnamon can lead poisoning in the skin and mouth, irritation in the eyes and awareness of the taste buds as well as the rest of the body and most importantly: Burns that not be treated with immediacy, can swell and block the airway, which leads to the death.

Cinnamon is also a condiment to which many people are allergic without even knowing it – contact in excess with the cinnamon can also cause an anaphylactic shock (the strongest allergic reaction); which should also be treated immediately, because apart from blocking the airway, can conclude in a cardiac arrest.

Probably many had heard before this challenge, probably not – by which leave here a video exemplifying the reaction to it (there are many in portals like YouTube and Facebook).

it may seem fun at first glance, but in base what we have quoted below, is extremely dangerous and should be avoided do.

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