steroids, are actually known cortisone synthetic derivatives. Despite the fact that it is improving in its formula and each time their side effects are minor, they still exist, so it is good to have knowledge of them.

Steroids are normally used to treat diseases autoimmune, rheumatic and inflammatory. Side effects may begin to appear if we skip our medical recommendations, whether we lengthen the treatment more thing due or the amount to drink, or after a long treatment without pausing. these side effects may be pancreatitis, hypertension, HIRSUTISM, acne, retention of liquids, euphoria, insomnia, depression, psychosis, overweight, diabetes, myopathy, bone necrosis, among many other. Depends very much on each body.

As it should be noted, you should never automedicarte, for the world. A medicine is something that although you sane, can be dangerous if you do not act in accordance with what you advise your doctor. Steroids are drugs that should be a special care.

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