The Kota will promote, on 07 June in Sao Paulo, the third date Kota. The event will be directed exclusively to cosmetic dentistry. < span id = "more-14322" >


counting on three of the most important names of this specialty as keynote speakers, Dr. José Carlos comparative social behavior, Dr. Jansen Ozaki and Dr. Sidney Kina, classes will cover topics ranging from the preparation to the cementing of prosthetic parts, crowns, veneers or increasingly required. contact lenses

in addition, all participants will receive a bonus of R$ 30.00 for buying products Kota on the day of the event, which also features the partnership of Oral-B and CVDentus, which will be on site with their products on display.

the event will be held in the Auditorium of Flat Staybridge, St. Bandeira Paulista, 555, Itaim Bibi, SP.

for information on issues, subscriptions, values and method of payment, contact us through the telephone (11) 3702-2000 or via email < span style = "color: #0000ff;" > .