A line to make whiter teeth in three dimensions.


3D products White promote an advanced whitening system < span id = "more-11088" > that covers the entire surface of each tooth, providing a much whiter smile.

the toothpaste Brilliant Fresh that removes up to 80% of the surface patches in 14 days. Its patented whitening micro-remove surface stains and give polished on all sides of the tooth. Their delicate action foam clean hard to reach areas, helping to strengthen tooth enamel.

teeth are formed by three layers: enamel, dentin and pulp. The tooth enamel is usually covered by a thin film, derived from proteins of saliva that contains deposits of food, drink and tobacco. This film forms an organic film unstructured and spotted that surrounds the teeth. The 3D White toothpaste Brilliant Fresh acts by removing these patches. Oral-B

present in the 3D White Brilliant Fresh, the surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate suspends food particles, preventing its accumulation, and silica, which have polishing action, removes residue without assaulting the tooth enamel. So the regular use of the product leads to decreased accumulation of these substances that cause the yellowing of teeth.

another important cause of visible teeth darkening is the plaque, which, when left untreated, can lead to tartar. The 3D White toothpaste Brilliant Fresh contains sodium Pyrophosphate, an ingredient that AIDS in combating the problem, inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms and the production of acids. In addition, the substance adheres to the surface of the protein film of saliva, preventing food, beverages and tobacco staying in the teeth.


3D Whitestrips: homemade teeth whitening

Teeth visibly whiter in three days. Full results in a week.


New in the Brazilian market, 3D Whitestrips is the result of investment in research and technology of the Oral-B. The product acts like a gel branqueador1 that reaches the stains from teeth, leaving them noticeably whiter.

teeth are formed by three layers: enamel, dentin and pulp. The tooth enamel can suffer from two kinds of stains, intrinsic and extrinsic. The first – that lies below the enamel and whose main causes are aging, the use of some medications and food and beverage waste-is only removed with specific treatments. The extrinsic pathway is located in the dental surface, is associated with the pigments of food, tobacco, beverages (such as coffee, tea and red wine) and can be removed for toothpastes.

3D Whitestrips contains peroxide, the same chemical used by dentists for whitening treatments, which acts on the intrinsic stains. The product comes with thin, flexible strips covered with a gel developed exclusively to adapt to the contour of the teeth. The peroxide, which comes in a polyethylene film, in contact with the teeth, promotes the clareamento1 without causing damage to the enamel. The product should be used twice a day for 30 minutes. “3D Whitestrips has cutting-edge technology that will help make the tooth whitening more practical and accessible,” says Danielle Panissa, Marketing Director for Oral-b.

the safety and effectiveness of 3D Whitestrips were evaluated in clinical study also proved that the product makes teeth whiter in just three days, offering complete results in a week of use.


Toothbrush Oral-B 3D White for a whiter smile

Oral-B toothbrush Oral-B 3D White , which help in the removal of stains from the surface of the teeth, providing a naturally whiter smile.

the toothbrush Oral-B 3D White Advantage has bristles with polished edges that keep the toothpaste in the place where he can be more efficient, maximizing its bleaching properties.

Oral-B helps clear the entire mouth, including the hard-to-reach places due to the design of its stem, which cleans and removes stains from the surface of the teeth. In addition, its bristles form two small “cups” that retain the toothpaste on the brush for a longer period of time, helping to distribute the product more evenly by all the teeth.