To mark the world day against cancer, this last Friday (04/02), the Faculty of dentistry, São Leopoldo Mandic makes an alert the population about the high number of cases of oral cancer.


Only in 2010, the laboratory of pathology of São Leopoldo Mandic diagnosed 72 cases of the disease, but the number could be much higher, since many people do not visit the dentist regularly./> concerned to identify and treat the problem as soon as possible, the Faculty São Leopoldo Mandic encourages the creation of autoexame, fundamental to the early detection and what should be done regularly. In front of the mirror, in well-lit location, note the lips, tongue (primarily the edges) floor (region beneath the tongue) cheeks, gums, palate (roof of the mouth) and the tonsils. Color change, angry areas underneath prostheses (dentures, bridges, furniture), wounds that won’t heal in a week, fractured teeth or amolecidos, lumps or hardening must be observed by a healthcare professional

of dentistry.

the concern of São Leopoldo Mandic is explained by the fact that the cancer of mouth already occupies the 7° place in Brazil in number of diagnosed cases. The data are from the National Cancer Institute (INCA). In the world occur approximately 210 000 new cases per year, with the incidence in males is 2.5 times higher than in women. This year, Brazil should register more than 14 000 new cases of cancer of the mouth. To get an idea of the seriousness of the problem, according to data from the 2007 INCA, 6,064 people died of the disease in the country, with 1,250 men and women 4,814.

High mortality/> according to the World Health Organization (who), the mouth cancer mortality is less than 30% of new cases, which means a reasonable prognosis for those fighting the disease to the sign of the first symptoms. The estimated average survival in five years is around 60% in developed countries, and 40% in those in development. The estimated world average is 46%


to assist in the early diagnosis of the disease, the laboratory of pathology of São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas unit –-offers the service free of charge to all patients seen in their clinics, school of dentistry as for public institutions, such as the Hospital Municipal Mário Gatti and Instituto Corsini, municipal Prefectures of Campinas, Hortolândia, Cosmópolis, Sumaré, Louveira and Itatiba, São PauloIn addition to Palmas (TO) and Manaus (AM)

x Men/Women > the incidence of cases of cancer of the mouth are larger in men, because among the main risk factors, in addition to excessive exposure to the Sun, are alcohol consumption and smoking habits, more common in males


in addition, the care of women with beauty can be pointed to as a favorable factor in preventing diseases that predispose the lip cancer such as Actinic Cheilitis. ‘ lipsticks in General, even those who do not have sun protection factor, form a barrier that hinders absorption of sunlight and prevents the emergence of Cheilitis ’, explains the Professor Flávia Flório, Coordinator of the undergraduate program of the Faculty of dentistry, São Leopoldo Mandic.

World Day against cancer /World Cancer day > was established in 2005 by the International Union for the control of cancer (UICC). The date is intended to draw the world’s attention on the growth of cancer cases on the planet. Every year, more than 12.7 million are diagnosed with cancer and 7.6 million die of the disease. In Brazil, are expected to almost 500 thousand new cases this year


a projection of UICC points out that if measures are not taken long and wide reach, there will be 26 million new cases and 17 million deaths per year in the world in 2030.