skin cancer problems nowadays are really worrying, especially taking into account that climate change is aggravating the global situation and the climate is becoming increasingly hotter. To face the changes must take into account some tips about how to prevent skin cancer.

Have to be extremely careful because this is a problem that even seems to be a fad, but is that with the skin not it plays and less with skin cancer. You have to take into account that early detection and treatment of skin cancer can make the difference between life and death, is because of this that must also be informed and alert to any sign or manifestation. In this case, needless to say, is advisable to go to a specialized doctor. If you don’t know any, on review I’m going to the Doc you can do searches for physicians by specialty and location as well as hear feedback from other patients and their rates prior to attending the consultation. This platform allows scheduling the appointment online easily and fast.

skin cancer is not to take it to game our life and health are at risk when faced with such situations. You have to be careful and not take lightly the indications to prevent this type of cancer.

How to protect myself from the Sun and prevent skin cancer during the day:

– try to stay in the shade most of the time.
– wearing hat, Cap or something to cover us over the head (seems ridiculous but makes the difference).
– use sunscreen on skin or Sun protection creams to care for our skin.
– must always wear proper clothing , long sleeves and pants, although outside make heat.
– sunglasses are also important.

These are only a few precautions against skin cancer but if we can avoid leaving home or the office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. would be ideal, since in these hours is when concentrate more UV rays which are the cause of skin cancer.

Solar radiation is something that must be taken into account, we should not take it lightly and we must protect ourselves at all times, our health is the most important thing.