Prostate cancer is the type of cancer affecting men

healthy eating to prevent prostate cancer2

Prostate cancer is the type of cancer affecting men, but with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, disease and many other ailments can be avoided. If you want to prevent prostate cancer, today I will give you some healthy tips so they can improve their lifestyle and be excluded from the scope of this terrible […]

Take care of teeth can avoid future orthodontics.

Take care of teeth can avoid future orthodontics. dental hygiene should start with the first teeth and it is essential from the appearance of the first molar. -leave the child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can cause very aggressive caries -some children have more tendency to suffer from decay by grooves […]

How stop tooth decay (Dental Caries) and How to deal with the caries in children?

Gentle Dental Treatment -Remedies for treatment and dental sensitivity-dental hypersensitivity

How stop tooth decay (Dental Caries) : Tooth decay is the same as dental caries. It is also known as tooth decay. It is the result of a cavity in the tooth and if untreated it can extend from the enamel of teeth (the harsh covered external tooth) the softer dentin within. Tooth decay is […]

Caring for teeth may prevent future orthodontics.

Take care of teeth may prevent future orthodontics. dental hygiene should start with the first teeth and it is essential from the appearance of the first molar. -leave the child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can cause very aggressive caries -some children have more tendency to suffer from decay by grooves […]

First teeth – and relieve your baby

when the baby will begin to leave the teeth, it suffers pain because the teeth break gum and this tends to swell, causing more inconvenience. The baby during this time is irascible and cries easily, sleeps less and may have some problems when it comes to feed him. In many cases may be fever, salivan […]

Rise allergy and infectious diseases fall

in the world we live in increasingly gets triumph over a larger number of very serious diseases, which formerly came to be lethal whereas today hardly exist, or are easily controllable. Infectious diseases have increasingly less incidence on the population, primarily due to the habits of higiente; but paradoxically, these same habits have made allergies do not occur in a manner significant.

According to the Allergist and immunologist Marc Daëron, an eminence in the field of allergies, we live in a sterile world made that autoimmune diseases (including allergies) have shot in our society

this expert lamented, for example, of the imminent ban sell cheese made from milk raw in the European Union. If it complains about this is not for culinary reasons, but simply of health: the presence of certain microorganisms in our body makes it “ out to defend ” against them, and believed the substances needed to immunize against certain diseases.

According to him, modern life has enough to do with the increase of these diseases.Those who think that pollution is crucial in this case are wrong; in the field there are so many allergies as in the city, and even more. Food and hygienic habits are responsible for, and the curious case of that in Africa are beginning to realize also autoimmune diseases, as its inhabitants adopt Western ways is given. On the other hand, seems to be that Yes it has been shown that diesel particles from the exhaust of cars do have impact on the presence of allergy.

Source / country health.

Image / Seming reads.

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Foods to help you sleep

the more try, get less sleep. On these occasions always we resorted to the traditional remedies of the grandmother, a tila or a glass of hot milk. But there are other Options. The key that allows us to numb us is melatonin, a brain chemical which is which “says” our body that we need to sleep. For this reason it is important that we take in quantity food rich in melatonin, but also help us the magnesium, potassium and carbohydrates. on the basis of these premises, what food we can take that we induce sleep?. To begin with cherries, a fruit with a very high level of melatonin. If we take them one hour before bedtime, they release this substance in this body and will help us to sleep. Bananas are also highly recommended in this regard, because they are very rich in magnesium and potassium.The same effect as a banana, it has traditional bowl of hot milk, because it is rich in calcium and releases serotonin, which helps us to relax and fall asleep. In addition, the heat has a great calming effect. Finally, a suggestion that surely will surprise you: a slice of toasted bread when lying down also helps sleep. The reason is very simple: to be a source of carbohydrates, increases insulin in our body and leads us to sleep. Today women your professional book

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Project generation zero caries, seeks to eradicate a problem that affects 95 per cent of the worlds population.

project generation zero caries, seeks to eradicate a problem that affects 95 per cent of the population world.

new generations no cavities!.

drivesthe monitor corresponding to the child’s dental development through theDental Primer for the baby

– thePrimer of dentistry for the baby generation zero decay has developedalso as an aid in the problem of childhood obesity that recentlyIt has emerged as a major problem of public health at the global level.

-data2010 who are relevant: there are 42 million overweight children inworldwide, of which about 35 million live in countries in development.

Bilbao, 2011-may in accordance with the OrganizationGlobal health (who), 95 per cent of the world’s population suffers from diseasesoral, particularly caries and periodontitis, an inflammation of the gums.Faced with this situation, who carries out activities of promotion, prevention andtreatment to abate this problem affecting individuals, societyand the economy, by the high cost of treatment and theconsequences in the comprehensive health of the people.

in line with this reality, the odontopediatra Leopold Becerra says that “ oral healthchild has become a pattern of public health since the end of the centuryXX ”. From this reality dentist Leopoldo Becerra has promoted aproject of international order which bears the title generation zero decay,“ with the intention of creating generations of citizens without this problemIt affects 95 per cent of the world’s population. It is a project that will allow for thepeople have a better quality of life and save money servicesHealth ”, sensed the expert.

the Mexican specialist ensures that “ the use of theavailable information technologies and years of research and developmenton techniques of hygiene, prevention and diagnosis of diseasesat an early age, and even before birth, Buco-Dentales make it possible toThis dream is likely to become a reality ”.

to describe this new concept, LeopoldBecerra explained that “ it is based on the practice of dental medicinepre-trial and in the development of a generation of parents and professionalsinformed and active in preventive care and oral hygiene. It is aconcept radio because it is designed to inform and to contact toall those links that must be integrated in the chain that involves thePrevention oral, from parents toprofessionals and specialists care mouth.

becerra indicated that the information system “ worksmainly on two fronts: the first concentrated on providing information to thenon-professional audience, mainly parents, on the prevention andcare of children. Also, the corresponding development follow-upDental of children through the dental card for the baby. ”

“ the second front ”, scores, “ focuses on providingadministrative, informative and formative source for professionalsdental, whose axis turns around a center of information and training ofspecialists in dental care of children. This always under the supervision andGuide to the dental card for baby ”.

considers the specialist that “ is of vital importancemention that the condition more common in children under 3 years, commonlycalled the bottle or bottle caries, syndrome is a condition caused byfrequent and prolonged exposure of the teeth of the juices, milk, babyformula and liquid sugary including breast milk. In particular, thedecay of bottle (early childhood caries) is the leading cause ofDental injuries during breastfeeding. It’s a pathology that occursat very early ages, mostly between 2 and 4 years.On average, approximately 600 ml. ofsugary beverages (soft drinks and juices), come into contact with the teeth ofa person per day. This contact is harmful for the teeth both in theeffect of demineralization cause enamel, as by the erosive effect andthe cariogenicidad carry as well as for his contribution to the development ofObesity ”.

in view of the foregoing, Becerra underscores that “ the primerdentistry for the baby generation zero decay has developed alsoas an aid in the problem of childhood obesity that has recently beenemerged as a major problem of public health at the global level. Throughthe concepts set forth as the basis for an infant oral health haveincorporated issues of healthy eating and control of the intake ofsimple sugars to prevent dental caries in children. Practice shows thatthe standard model for dental care promotes a style of foodhealthy for the prevention of obesity. Thus, there are a variety offoods that dentists recommend not ingesting, mainly thosein high content of simple sugars, to prevent tooth decay; themselves areidentified by nutritionists as a cause of obesity ”.

is not one minor problem. According to the who, the problemIt is progressively introducing in many low and middle income countriesespecially in the urban environment. The prevalence has increased at a ratealarming. Calculated in 2010, 42 million children overweight throughout theworld, with nearly 35 million live in countries in development.

Why are cavities in children?

Why are cavities in children -Cakes trigger the onset of dental problems among the 'kids'[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Why are cavities in children -Cakes trigger the onset of dental problems among the 'kids'"]Why are cavities in children -Cakes trigger the onset of dental problems among the 'kids'[/caption]

Why are cavities in children?

Cakes trigger the onset of dental problems among the ‘kids’

Estimates by the World Health Organization , between 60 and 90 percent of schoolchildren have dental caries , one of the most common diseases among children. Children are one of the groups most at risk because they tend to eat more often, eat more candy and also not being experts in the brush as the ‘older’, are not aware of the importance of brushing their teeth after every meal. For this reason, it is the job of the parents be aware the importance of caring for children’s teeth, whether the milk (much more ‘cuddly’ and therefore susceptible to decay more quickly destroy them), or definitive.


This monitoring is especially important during Christmas , nougat , marzipan , chocolate shortbread and become the main enemy of the dental health of children as small bacteria in the mouth have destroyed the sugar in candy, making acids that attack tooth enamel. The more candy children eat, the more likely to suffer tooth decay. The solution, however, is to eliminate the Christmas menu: simply limit (remember that sugar consumption should not exceed 10 percent of total calories you eat one child per day), offering more healthful alternatives, and reminding them to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste always eat something sweet. Among the most ‘damaging’ to the teeth include the soft sticky (especially among children with braces), as they are easily attached to the brackets , causing bacteria to stay there long. Similarly, hard Christmas candies are very dangerous, whether you eat slowly sucking because it produces a long exposure of teeth to sugar as if they bite, they can fracture the fragile infant or destroy teeth fillings. The sweets are less harmful to teeth are softer, non-sticky, for example prepared from chocolate and nougat.

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